Once you got long hair, sometimes it becomes a struggle in terms of styling it like when it is still wet and frizzy to manage. What usually solves such issue is when you consider blow drying it as many individuals also benefited in such practice. However, you have to be smart in doing it though or you might possibly harm those long locks instead if done incorrectly. Not to worry because its appearance improves after the process anyway.

You better stay mindful of a few techniques that shall totally aid the hair. This leads you in checking out essential blow dry Toronto techniques to follow. You can merely adjust your daily routine to include a few minutes in fixing those locks anyway. Not to worry because it shall not be that time consuming especially if you already master its method.

Start by washing your hair. Of course, it becomes bad to consider drying if the locks are still dry. Rinsing it with the right shampoo is the right process to start. That way, you moisturized the tresses well until you become ready for drying afterward. Be careful on the chemicals you used for the shampoo though in which those are not too strong that tresses get damaged instead.

Use a towel for slightly drying the tresses. You never want that to continue dripping with water while you move around anyway. What usually causes it in becoming frizzy or having split ends is when you cause too much friction while rubbing it. You better establish that gently and carefully instead since hairs might fall off in rushing a lot.

Begin by dividing your hair into certain sections. Separation is important because it will not be wise to merely blow on random spots. Never forget that creating bigger sections means the drying process can take longer. What is usually recommended is by considering four or six sections. Never have it tangled though and you could use certain clips to help you with that. Short tresses can work with just two sections by the way.

Now comes the blowing part wherein you establish that starting from the top or the root. Observe that within six inches out from the scalp though so it cannot really burn you. Continue doing that from top until bottom then because doing the opposite motion only causes more damage. Moisture would not be soaked from the locks if you establish that directly on your scalp.

You continue working on the other sections next. Moving the dryer is expected since it becomes bad to only concentrate the heat at a single spot. In other words, you keep the other parts exposed with such heat too. Burning of hairs will be possible if you focused on a certain spot only.

Keep hairs slightly wet though. While using such dryer, that does not imply you only stop when the whole head has extremely dried up. By keeping that damp, it avoids damage but such dampness should not make your clothes wet though. Balance it out instead.

Use cold air next. Fanning is enough to make it shiny. You could brush those tresses next and even put moisturizer to retain the shine. That is how you keep the outcome in looking smooth then.