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Remanufactured Engine Blocks and Cylinder Blocks

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The remanufactured engine block department at Blake’s Remanufacturing is reliable, accurate, dependable and an awesome sight in itself. We have a custom made automatic Berco machine, which gives us the ability to machine an engine blocRebuilt Engine Blocksk 20 feet in length. Machining an engine block is a complex and meticulous process that Blake’s Remanufacturing has done well for over 40 years.

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Blake’s Remanufacturing goes unmatched in terms of quality and attention to detail. We go through a detailed 18 step process when machining our remanufactured engine blocks. CBN technology gives us the ability to machine an engine block to exact roughness (Ra) specifications. All rebuilt engine blocks must meet OEM hardness specifications.

Remanufactured Engine Blocks Machining Process

Here at Blake’s we have a 18 point process for our rebuilt engine blocks.

1. Reman Engine Block Cleaning

The first step we take for our remanufactured engine blocks is to clean the entire engine block ensuring Vat Block. We also steam clean the wire wheel surfaces. It is important to clean the used engine block thoroughly as we need to accurately inspect the Reman Engine Blockscylinder block for cracks. Many used engine blocks come to us with oil, grease and corrosion on them. Oftentimes, used engine blocks have electrolysis corrosion damage that needs to be cleaned. We use Mack’s 4800 break cleaner and other industrial solvents along with wire brushes to restore the used engine block to its original condition.

2. Magnaflux Reman Engine Block 

The second step in the engine block remanufacturing process is to magnaflux the entire remanufactured engine block. We magnaflux with Androx 9704 and check under a blacklight for cracks and structural imperfections. If the used engine block has significant cracks that can’t be welded it is deemed unfit to be a remanufactured engine block.

3. Inspect Piston Bores

Thirdly, we inspect the piston bores as needed. We mic the bores to determine if they can be saved. We also determine if the piston bores are oversized or sleeved. Lastly, we remove the cam bearings from the remanufactured engine block.

4. Check Remanufacured Engine Block Line Bore

Fourthly, we check the line bore in our reman engine blocks. We check the torque caps, check the line bore for straRemanufactured Engine Blocks Work Stationightness. We then edge and mic bores for out of roundness. It is standard practice at Blake’s to not cut the saddle. Some companies will cut the saddle in their remanufactured engine blocks but we find that cutting the saddle will oftentimes throw off the dimensions. We only cut the cup.

5. Check Surface and Deck Height

Fifthly, we check the surface and deck height. We visually inspect the water ports and compression seals for wear.  We check the straight edge warpage. We also measure the deck height within all of our rebuilt engine blocks.

6. Check Upper Sleeves

The sixth step in the cylinder block remanufacturing process is to check the upper sleeves as need. We mic counter bores for wear. We also visually inspect for corrosion. Before a reman engine block is rebuilt most units come to us with corrosion, as it is a standard issue with used engine blocks. It is important to check for corrosion, if corrosion is present within the used engine block we address the issue immediately.

7. Check Lower Sleeves

The seventh step in the remanufactured engine block process is to check the lower sleeves as needed. We mic counter bores for wear. Lastly, we check for corrosion as with the upper sleeves. It is very important that all rust issues are resolved before any further rebuilding can occur with the remanufactured engine blocks.

Used Engine Block Boring Machine

8. Determine Parts for Rebuilt Engine Block

The eight step in the engine block remanufacturing process is to determine what reman parts are needed for the reman engine block. We fill out a materials requisition form and turn it in to our parts department. No matter the shape of our used engine blocks we always order the block base, cam bearings and oil gallery plugs. The oil gallery plugs are one of the most important parts in the entire rebuilt engine block as they deliver a constant flow of oil to the running engine.

9. Bore the Reman Engine Block

The ninth step in the engine block remanufacturing process is to determine positioning in the boring machine. We set the cylinder block in the boring machine at the right angle and position for machining an engine block. We then cut our rebuilt engine blocks to the desired OEM specifications. Standard cuts, while machining an engine block, are within three thousandths of an inch.Storm Vulcan Engine Block Machining Equipment

10. Honing an Engine Block to OEM Specs

The tenth step for rebuilt engine blocks is to further honing the bore with our Sunnen Honing Machine. Machining an engine block with the Sunnen Honing Machine helps us further refine the surface. We hone the bore even further to make sure the entire remanufactured engine block meets OEM specifications. Sometime we only need to bore very little to simply keep the cylinder block at standard specifications; other times we need to hone quite a bit to completely remanufacture the cylinder block. Honing engine block work is precise and tedious but it is something that Blake’s does very well.

11. Inspect the Line Bore

The eleventh step in the engine block remanufacturinEngine Block Remanufacturingg process is to fix the line bore as needed. We set our rebuilt engine blocks in the AMG Danmark boring machine and make sure it is square. We use a feeler gauge and a straight edge to check for indications of warped metal. Most used engine blocks come to us with warped metal that needs be refurbished. Our machine shop technicians then clip the caps on mill. After we clip the caps we cut and torque the caps and cut the line bore. Lastly we check for straightness while machining an engine block. If line bore in the reman engine block is not straight re-straighten until the precise measurement is acquired.

12. Surface the Cylinder Block

The twelfth step for remanufactured engine blocks is to create a smooth surface on the cylinder block. We use the Berco boring and surfacing machine. We set our rebuilt engine blocks inMachine for Rebuilt Engine Blocks the surface machine and surface the entire cylinder block. Unlike some of our competitors, all of our reman engine blocks are bored and surfaced as many times as needed to get the smoothest surface as possible.

13. Cut the Upper Sleeves

The thirteenth step in the engine block remanufacturing process is cutting the upper sleeves as needed. First, we set up our remanufactured engine blocks in the cutting machine. Machining an engine block with the proper alignment is extremely important. Once properly aligned, we cut for the counterbore sleeve. Next, we knock the sleeve into place. Lastly, we cut to the finished size and polish the upper sleeves.

14. Steam Press Our Remanufactured Engine BlocksRemanufactured Cylinder Block Steam Cleaning

The fourteenth step in the engine block remanufacturing process is a final cleaning of the reman engine block. We steam the entire engine block in extremely hot water using a steam press. After our rebuilt engine blocks are cleaned we then install the cam bearings and oil gallery plugs.

15. Quality Control Inspection

The fifteenth step in the engine block remanufacturing process is the quality control inspection. Our quality control depRemanufactured Cylinder Block Steam Cleaning Machineartment uses a completely different set of calibrated instruments to test and measure for imperfections within our remanufactured engine blocks. Any mistakes within the rebuilt engine block are immediately fixed. Machining an engine block for a second time is sometimes need to get the most precise cut. Once the reman engine block passes quality control it is sent for painting.

16. Cast Blast or Paint the Rebuilt Engine Block

The sixteenth step in the engine block remanufacturing process is painting. We paint our rebuilt engine blocks the factory color or cast blast the entire engine block. Cast Blast is a professional grade iron paint that is used on cast iron parts. Cast Blast is heat resistant up to 250 degrees and protects against rust. We cast blast or paint every remanufactured engine block that leaves our facility.

17. Packaging

The seventeenth step in the engine block remanufacturing process is packaging. The entire rebuilt engine block is strapped down, wrapped in protective packaging and crated. All rebuilt engine Remanufactured Engine Blockblocks are packaged in a way to ensure there is no damage during shipping.

18. Final Shipping

The eighteenth and final step in the engine block remanufacturing process is the final shipping. We check the work order, final invoice and warranty information. Once everything is verified we ship the remanufactured engine block to its final destination. We receive our used engine blocks in a state of disrepair and they leave as fully certified OEM level remanufactured engine blocks.

Signature Warranty Program

Blake’s remanufacturing has been in business for over 40 years. Over the years we have become a name you can trust for all of your remanufactured parts and engines. Due to our commitment to customer service we offer one of the strongest warranties in the industry. We offer a 1 year warranty on all of our remanufactured parts. In addition to our 1 year warranty on all of our remanufactured parts we also offer a 2 year warranty on our diesel aftermarket parts and a 1 year warranty on our natural gas aftermarket parts. Lastly, Blake’s offers one of the most comprehensive 1 year warranties on engine service.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to a Blake’s Remanufacturing sales representative to learn more about our engine block remanufacturing process, to purchase any of our remanufactured engine blocks in stock or to discover what type of service we can offer your company.

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