Used Diesel Engines and Used Natural Gas Engines

We stock a complete line of used diesel engines and used diesel engine parts, serving all industries. We have a large inventory of used engines for sale on hand at all times, capable of supplying you with what you need, when you need it, and at a reasonable price. No order too large or too small; order one piece or a trailer load.

Instead of purchasing a new engine it is smart to look into researching used diesel engines. Used diesel engines offer a cost effective alternative to new engines at the same time offering the comparable quality and reliability as a new engine. Prior to purchasing, one must understand that used diesel engines are found in all states of wear and conditioning. Not all used engines for sale are in the same pristine state they are at Blake’s. used diesel engine

Blake’s Remanufacturing is a trustable source for used diesel engines for over 40 years. You can search countless hours looking for used diesel engines at scrap yards or purchase through brokers but when it comes to something as important as your engine it is a good idea to trust a reputable company like Blake’s. Blake’s philosophy it to always keep a well stocked inventory of used engines for sale.

Used diesel engines are used in millions of applications every day and perform just as well as new engines. For example the Caterpillar 3208 engine was put into production in 1975 and were manufactured up until the early 1990s. This particular engine gained a reputation of being reliable and long lasting. Even today, we have seen this particular model and similar used diesel engine models being requested time and time again. The 3208 used diesel engine is found in school buses, heavy duty trucks, tractor trailers, construction equipment and sanitation vehicles.

Used Caterpillar Engines & Used Caterpillar Engine Parts:

Used Cat Engines: 3116

Used Cat Engines: 3126

Used Cat Engines: 3176

Used Cat Engines: 3208

Used Cat Engines: 3304

Used Cat Engines: 3306

Used Cat Engines: 3406A

Used Cat Engines: 3406B

Used Cat Engines: 3406C

Used Cat Engines: 3406E

Used Cat Engines: 3408E, A & B

Used Cat Engines: 3412E, A & B

Used Cat Engines: 3508B & A

Used Cat Engines: 3512B & A

Used Cat Engines: 3516B & A

Used Cat Engines: C7

Used Cat Engines: C9

Used Cat Engines: C10

Used Cat Engines: C12

Used Cat Engines: C13

Used Cat Engines: C15

Used Cat Engines: D/G 379

Used Cat Engines: D/G 398

Used Cat Engines: D/G 399

Used Cat Engines: D353

Used Cat Engines: D342

Used Cat Engines: D343

Used Cat Engines: D348




Blake’s Remanufacturing offers a whole line of used caterpillar engines. All of our used caterpillar engines are inspected and dyno tested to ensure quality and performance. All of our used engines for sale leave our facility in top working condition. If you see a used caterpillar engine model that is not listed above please contact a Blake’s sales representative. In most cases if we do not have the used caterpillar engine in stock we can find it for you through our supplier network. 

Used Cummins Engines & Used Cummins Engine Parts:

Used Cummins Engines: 4BT (3.9)

Used Cummins Engines: 6BT (5.9)

Used Cummins Engines: 6CT (8.3)

Used Cummins Engines: ISB

Used Cummins Engines: ISC

Used Cummins Engines: ISX

Used Cummins Engines: QSK

Used Cummins Engines: 855BC

Used Cummins Engines: 855SC

Used Cummins Engines: 855STC

Used Cummins Engines: N14

Used Cummins Engines: L10

Used Cummins Engines: M11

Used Cummins Engines: ISM






Used Cummins Engines: QSM

Used Cummins Engines: V903

Used Cummins Engines: 1710, (V1710 & VT1710)

Used Cummins Engines: KTA19, KT19, K19, 1150

Used Cummins Engines: QSK19

Used Cummins Engines: KTA38, KT38, K38

Used Cummins Engines: KTA50, KT50, K50

Used Cummins Engines: QSK45

Used Cummins Engines: QSK60

Used Cummins Engines: QSK78


Blake’s Remanufacturing offers some of the most popular used cummins engines. We take pride in knowing all of our used engines for sale are of the best quality. All of our used cummins engines are inspected for critical structural issues and are dyno tested before they are ever shipped out. It is this attention to detail that guarantees all of our used cummins engines will work as needed. If you do not see a particular used cummins engine listed above, please give us a call as we can typically find any used cummins engine you need in a short period of time.

Used Detroit Diesel Engines & Used Detroit Diesel Engine Parts:

Used Detroit Diesel Engines: 3-53

Used Detroit Diesel Engines: 4-53

Used Detroit Diesel Engines: 3-71

Used Detroit Diesel Engines: 4-71

Used Detroit Diesel Engines: 6-71

Used Detroit Diesel Engines: 12V-71

Used Detroit Diesel Engines: 16V-71

Used Detroit Diesel Engines: 6V-92

Used Detroit Diesel Engines: 8V-92

Used Detroit Diesel Engines: 12V-92

Used Detroit Diesel Engines: 16V-92

Used Detroit Diesel Engines: 12V-149

Used Detroit Diesel Engines: 16V-149

Used Detroit Diesel Engines: Series 50

Used Detroit Diesel Engines: Series 60



Detroit Diesel has been producing reliable on-highway and off highway heavy duty engines since 1938. Detroit Diesel has a longstanding reputation for craftsmanship and dependability. In 2012 Detroit Diesel produced its 100,000th heavy duty engine. Blake’s Remanufacturing carries a long line of used detroit diesel engines. The 50 series and 60 series used detroit engines are still supported by Detroit Diesel. If you are looking for a reliable used engine, you can’t go wrong with any used detroit diesel engine. All of our used detroit diesel engines go through a multi-point inspection and are dyno tested prior to leaving our facility. Contact a Blake’s Remanufacturing salesperson today to learn more about the various used detroit diesel engines we have in stock or any other used engines for sale.

We Also Carry the Following Brands of Used Engines & Used Engine Parts:

Used International Engines

Used Navistar Engines

Used John Deere Engines

Used Komatsu Engines

Used Mack Engines

Used Perkins Engines

Used Isuzu Engines




Blake’s Remanufacturing has a long history of selling and servicing all types of engine brands. We have hundreds of the most popular used engines for sale. We support all of the top manufactures including John Deere, Perkins, Mack, Navistar, International, Komatsu and Isuzu. All of our used diesel engines are fully inspected, tested and received a dnyo evaluation prior to leaving our machine shop. Please contact a Blake’s Remanufacturing sales representative today to learn more about all of our used diesel engines or other used engines for sale.

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